Justice Court

Justice Court:  716-592-9898   Fax 716-592-0204

E-mail:   concordtowncourt@nycourts.gov

Justices:         Timothy P. Frank
                              Leslie J. Gibbin

 Court Clerks:  Amanda J. Roth
                                     Julie Moriarty

 Prosecutor:     Kevin J. Rautenstrauch, Esq.
                                   Brian F. Attea, Deputy Prosecutor

  The Court Clerk’s Office is open to assist you by phone during business hours:

Monday:         9:00 am to 2:00 pm
Thursday:      9:00 am to 2:00 pm

You may also reach our office by e-mail to concordtowncourt@nycourts.gov or fax to 716-592-0204

**Our office building remains closed to the public by order of the Town Supervisor, and you are requested to mail your correspondence and payments, or to deliver them to our outdoor dropbox.

COURT COVID-19 PROTOCOLS UPDATE:  Effective June 1, 2021

The Covid-19 Protocols of the 8th Judicial District and NYS Unified Court System are periodically reviewed and adjusted to ensure access to the Justice Courts, while safeguarding public health .  At present, our court is authorized to do the following:

1)  Conduct in-person arraignments on penal law charges, misdemeanor level or higher vehicle & traffic law charges and any other cases that may require an in-person arraignment in order to proceed. Letters will be mailed to parties that are scheduled to appear.

2) Conduct in-person sentencing where a plea agreement has been reached between the parties and has been presented to the court.

3) Accept small claims matters for filing. We are NOT PERMITTED to hold any civil hearings at this time.  Matters will be accepted and will be scheduled when permitted. 

4) Summary Proceedings (landlord/tenant cases) are only accepted on a very limited basis.  Please click here for updated guidance on process and procedure:  http://nycourts.gov/CourtHelp/Homes/evictions.shtml


Traffic Court for violations and infractions will continue to be handled by mail under the following system:

1)  Promptly answer your ticket by completing either section “A-Guilty” or section “B-Not Guilty” and return it to the court by mail to:
                        Concord Town Court
                         PO Box 185
                        Springville, NY 14141

           *You may also deliver the ticket to our outdoor dropbox         

2)  Guilty pleas will be reviewed by the Judge and fine notices, if applicable, will be mailed to you.

3)  Not guilty pleas will be reviewed by the Town Prosecutor. He will mail you a Memorandum of Plea Bargain which you much choose to accept or decline and  mail back to the court.  Once returned, if accepted, the Judge will make a determination on the disposition and a notice will be mailed to you.  If declined, the case will be referred back to the Prosecutor for further negotiation or held for a trial when permissible.

4)  Unanswered tickets and/or plea bargains will be subject to suspension.



Civil matters, such as evictions and small claims cases, are scheduled on a case by case basis.  Please contact the court office to file your paperwork and obtain a court date prior to serving notice on any parties to ensure that we can accommodate your request.

The Court is authorized to hear small claims cases brought by an individual against a person or entity who resides, or has a principal place of employment or business, within the Town of Concord.  Cases must be for monetary compensation only, up to a maximum of $3,000.00; the Court cannot order the return of personal items.

Click to view:
Small Claims Handbook
Small Claims Application Form



Fine payments can be paid in person during Court office hours or mailed to the Court at:

           Concord Town Court
           PO Box 185
           Springville, NY 14141

Personal checks are NOT accepted; payment must be in the form of a money order/certified check in U.S. funds, by credit card or cash.

For forms, procedure, attorney listings and Court Information:  Court Information and Do-it-Yourself Forms

NYS Comptroller Justice Court Audit (1/1/2010-11/4/2011)