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Sign Up for STAR

Basic STAR and Enhanced STAR

New Applicants must register with NYS Dept. of Taxation and Finance.
The Basic STAR has no age requirements
You must own the property and it must be your primary residence.
*NEW* $500,000 income limit beginning this year
Applications must be filed on or before March 1st.
One time filing until the owner moves or becomes 65.
Approximate savings is $500.

The Enhanced STAR is for persons age 65 and over.
You must own the property and it must be your primary residence.
The income ceiling changes each year.
You must file every year bringing your Federal Income Tax form from the prior year to the Assessors’ office and re-applying.
Both STAR Exemptions must be applied for by March 1st.
STAR applies only to School taxes.

Senior Exemptions:

All of the owners of a primary residence must be 65 years of age or older. The Only Exception is a spouse. The spouse can be any age, however, if the person who is 65 dies, the exemption would be removed until the remaining spouse became 65 and qualified on the income limitations. The applicant must turn 65 within the year of filing and apply before March 1.
The property must have been owned by the applicant at least one year prior to filing unless it is a move within the same Town. The property must be used exclusively for residential purposes and it must be the legal residence of the owner(s).
Income includes the income of both husband and wife or all property owners. The law specifies that income includes: Social Security and Retirement Benefits, Interest, Dividends, Net Rental Income, Salary of Earnings and Net Income if Self Employed.

What to bring in when applying each year:
Social Security 1099 Form
Income Tax Form 1040 (if filing one) for current year
All Bank Interest forms
Salary, wages, bonuses, total dividends, gains from sales or exchanges and all taxable annuity payments.
Alimony, rental income, unemployment insurance, net earning from farming or any other small business adventure.
IRA interest only

First time applicants must bring in Proof of age and income. The savings is prorated by income levels. This Exemption applies to all taxes except special district charges.


10% up to 8,000 of assessed value


Active duty for a period of 365 days
In the Armed Forces between 09/02/1945 thru 12/26/1991
Cold War Recognition Certificate
This is a 10 year exemption

For a printable application: Cold War Veteran Application

The property must be the primary residence of the veteran. Both husband and wife can get the exemption. The veteran had to serve at least one-day active duty during wartime. There is an additional benefit if the veteran served in a war zone. A Disability Exemption for the veteran is also available which is 50% of the disability. The old Eligible Funds Exemption is pro-rated and can be transferred to the Town if the veteran has been receiving it in another location within New York State. No new applications are accepted on this old exemption however.
To apply, the veteran must present a DD214 (Honorable Discharge Papers) along with proof of ownership of the property. In most cases, the ownership proof will already be in the Assessor’s Office.

1st Tuesday in June: 3-5pm and 6-8pm

For more information, you can visit the New York State Office of Real Property Services website:
NYS Office of Real Property Services


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